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Herkimer Home & Leisure was established in 1977 with the resurgence of wood heating in response to the OPEC oil embargoes. With the price of heating oil doublingly from .15 cents to .30 cents, many homeowners rushed to install wood stoves & furnances to combat the ridiculously high prices. I was one of them. However I found many products out there not meeting my expectations in heating my home on the farm. I realized that there was a market for a "good efficeint stove" that was not (back then) available in our area. I started selling and installing stoves to meet people's needs, like myself. Metal fabrication shops all over the country went into production of sometimes crude but effective heaters. The "New" hearth industry was once again reborn. From those simple beginnings we have seen a tremendous transition to sophisticated high efficiency appliances burning not only wood, but wood pellets, coal and gas. Renewable biomass is here to stay and we can't help but be amazed on how exciting this whole transition has been and where it may go. I am proud to be part of all the transitions and keeping Cental NY & the Adirondacks warm since 1977!

Tom Salanco


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